Top agent Paul Diks returns to Chadwick

By December 21, 2017Community and Work

Real estate agent Paul Diks returns to the Chadwick team.

Born and bred on the North Shore, Paul Diks began his career in real estate over twenty years ago with the First National Group.

Northlink First National then merged with Chadwick Real Estate in 2010, where Paul continued his employment. Briefly exploring his opportunities with Richardson and Wrench St. Ives a year ago, Paul has decided to return to Chadwick.

“Chadwick has been my home for many years,” he says. “It feels like I’m coming home.”

You’ve been working in real estate for twenty-one years. What is it about real estate that you love?

For me, real estate is about the people. It’s the thrill of meeting people and providing them with the best possible service. Although results driven, I don’t just go for any result, I go for the best result. I’ve set many record results in St Ives (and currently hold the St. Ives record at $11.2M), and that’s the biggest buzz of all – producing a result for a client that they’re thrilled about.

What was the office like when Northlink First National and Chadwick merged?

We’d all worked together for a long time, so I guess there was that synergy there which really helped my business grow with Chadwick. I have a brand myself, the Paul Diks brand, which has now been a brand in St Ives for over twenty years. I think Chadwick has always supported and promoted my brand really well. That’s been one of the crucial elements in my decision to return to Chadwick, that I can again align myself with a very strong brand and market leader across Ku-ring-gai.

Has your approach changed a lot over the time you’ve worked in real estate?

21 years is a long time in real estate. I have seen a lot and have used that time as a learning curve to sharpen my skills and I have never stopped learning. I still believe listening to people along with having a pure ambition, this is really important in real estate and nothing’s really changed in that way.

You’ve won many awards over the years, including the prestigious Elite Diamond Award many times. What do the awards mean to you?

It’s nice to be acknowledged but that’s not the reason I do this. I’m more focused on my client’s satisfaction because the best reward is the positive feedback from them which generally leads to repeat and referral business.

Tell me a bit about your work over the last year or so.

I left Chadwick to try something different, but I feel my skills and abilities to perform as a top agent are better met with Chadwick. It offers me the chance to produce a stronger result for my clients and my potential clients, and it’s been a proven success in the past.

My year away from Chadwick was a wonderful opportunity to work alongside some good operators, a great bunch of people and a good experience, but I guess Chadwick has been my home for many years.

You were born in Gordon and lived in Wahroonga before making St Ives your home twenty years ago. What is it about the North Shore that makes it such a great place to live?

It’s just got a great environment. For me, there’s a lot of memories of my childhood growing up here with friends, and to live here as an adult now and see my children enjoy it is wonderful. It’s the leafy environment, the nice open spaces with the National Parks, the convenience of shopping centres and it’s not far from the beaches and the city. It’s really in between two great areas. If you feel like a surf you can go surfing, but if you want to go to the city for a bit of buzz, you can do that too… The conveniences of the area is ideal.

And finally, what do you think makes a good real estate agent?

It comes down to listening and a good sense of perception. In real estate you could be dealing with a death, divorce, financial stress or just the family’s attachment to their home. A good agent will recognize and acknowledge the clients needs and any concerns they may have. They will offer compassion, empathy and support coupled with their industry skills to best manage the sale of any property.


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