Supporting the RAF Bomber Command this ANZAC Day

This Anzac Day we are supporting Tony and other war veterans to travel to the UK for the opening of the new Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln, U.K which incorporates a memorial, education centre, interactive museum and peace gardens to ensure their stories are not forgotten.

To make a donation to support Tony and the RAF Bomber Command, please call us directly on 9449 4444.

Local Services

4:30am Martin Place Sydney

5:00am Roseville Memorial Park

62 Pacific Hwy Roseville

5:30am Bicentennial Park West Pymble

Cnr Lofberg Rd & Yanko Rd

7:00am Wahroonga Memorial Park

Cnr Millewa & Illoura Ave  Wahroonga

9:00am Turramurra Memorial Park

Eastern Rd Turramurra


Angela: Today I had the pleasure of meeting Tony Adams, distinguished New South Wales war veteran, who served in World War II in the Bomber Command.

Tony Adams:     Anzac day is the day more than any other when I remember so many of my young friends who lost their lives flying with RAF Bomber Command in World War II. A lot like me were North Shore boys. Karangi had the highest number of volunteers for our crew of any shire in Australia. Many were school friends, some I trained with and some were on my squadron. 10,000 young Australians flew in Bomber Command. Sadly, 3,486 lost their lives on missions over Germany and occupied Europe; and some 300 died in aircraft accidents. They shall not grow old as we who have grown old.

Angela:        Chadwick and the wider community, along with GoFundMe, are rallying together to send Tony and 14 other veterans to England for the opening of the new International Bomber Command Centre. It is the first of its kind and will ensure that they will always be remembered and never forgotten. This is Tony’s story.

So Tony, I know you have yet to visit, but tell me what is so special about this particular memorial centre?

Tony Adams:     Well, not only remembering all my friends that have been lost, and my friends who’ve died, because there are very few of us left now. I’m perhaps one of the younger ones. I finished flying on operations before I was 21. And I carried out 36 missions. And this memorial now in Lincoln, people can go there and see films about Bomber Command, read about them. A person wants to come in and say, “Bomber Command do anything besides bombing of German cities?” And I can say, “Yes well, they supplied the French Citizen’s Movement, for instance.” Here’s the ACD of this Australian fellow. More people will know about what Bomber Command did.

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