Who lives on the Upper North Shore?

The beautiful suburbs of the Upper North Shore attract people from all over Sydney, creating a wonderful community of residents.

But how well do you know your neighbours? Let’s take a look at who lives on the Upper North Shore.


Demographic details of Upper North Shore residents

From a demographic perspective, Upper North Shore residents are quite similar to Australians overall, with median ages and gender splits that aren’t too far from the national average.

According to 2016 Census data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, residents of the Upper North Shore are slightly older than the country average of 38 years; for example, Pymble and Killara have a median age of 40, while St Ives and Turramurra are the highest in the region with a median age of 42. Residents of Waitara have the lowest median age of 35.

While Australia’s statistics on gender show an almost even split at 50.7% female and 49.3% male, the north shore shows a slightly higher percentage of women. This is the case in almost all of our suburbs, with Warrawee sitting exactly on the national average and every other suburb higher, finishing at Pymble with 53.1%.

Housing on the Upper North Shore

While the demographic data might show some similarities between the Upper North Shore and the rest of Australia, the housing data tells another story. Perhaps most notable here is the number of bedrooms reported in the 2016 Census data, confirming the presence of lovely large family homes. While only 32.3% of properties in Australia have 4 or more bedrooms, that figure is as high as 61% in Pymble, 53.9% in Warrawee and 53.2% in St Ives. It’s one of the reasons families flock to the Upper North Shore.

Once again, Waitara is the exception, with only 5.4% of dwellings comprising 4 or more bedrooms. The majority of properties (55.2%) in this small suburb are 2-bedroom, primarily due to the high percentage of apartments (80.4%, compared to 11.9% standalone houses).

Across the rest of the Upper North Shore, houses are in the overwhelming majority, with some suburbs eclipsing the national average of 72.9% houses per suburb. Residents in Pymble are the most likely to live in a house, at 80.4%, and Wahroonga, Roseville, Turramurra also all have house percentages above the national average. The housing mix becomes more spread out in Killara, Lindfield and Gordon, where the percentage of residents living in houses is in the 50s.


Owners, mortgages and renting on the Upper North Shore

According to the data, the Upper North Shore has far fewer renters than the country’s average of 30.9%, which may be the result of higher median ages, higher incomes and larger properties. Excluding the higher percentage of renters in Waitara (47.8%), no suburb in the area meets the Australian average for rental properties, with St Ives the lowest at 15.2%, closely followed by Wahroonga (16.3%), Pymble (17.3%) and Turramurra (17.6%).

Many owners in these suburbs own their homes outright, with St Ives the highest at 42.4%, compared to the national average of 31%.


Families on the Upper North Shore

Due to the high percentage of 4-bedroom homes, it may not be surprising that many families call the Upper North Shore home. The percentage of couple families is higher than the Australian average of 44.7% in every suburb in the Chadwick area.

Those living in Pymble may notice this the most, where couple families account for 60.3% of residents, though Warrawee, Turramurra and Lindfield aren’t far behind with 57.7%, 57% and 56.8% respectively.


Cars and commuting on the Upper North Shore

Despite good public transport connections, it’s undeniable that Upper North Shore residents are reliant on their cars. This is especially the case in St Ives, where 64.2% of people travel to work by car, compared to the national average of 61.5%.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the area also has a much higher percentage of two-car households than the national average. Across Australia, 36.2% of families have two cars, while that number is as high as 47.7% in Pymble and 45% in St Ives.


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