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Noel Zammit: Hello all, my name’s Noel Zammit from Chadwick Real Estate and this is Briony Foster, President of Turramurra Public School P&C. Thanks for tuning in. Now here at Chadwick, we like to get behind local community events, clubs, schools and help out where we can. So this year, we’re getting behind the annual Turramurra Public School Trivia Night, which will be held in September 2018. But to do this we need your help. Now if you’re considering selling your home between now and later this year and you like the idea of your commission from the sale of your home going back to help the kids at Turramurra Public School, this could be a great opportunity for you to not only help the kids at the school but also receive a 50% saving on the sales fee.

So in short, what we’re offering is a 50% savings in the sales fee, which includes our Chadwick marketing package. We will then donate the money from the sale of your home back to the school. So Briony, how would this donation to the school help the kids?

Briony Foster: Well, Noel, this fantastic initiative will mean that the children in the primary end of the school are able to get very much desired and anticipated play equipment, something they’ve not had before. This will enhance their school experience and provide them with enhanced play opportunities, something we know is very important to physical and emotional development. The particular equipment we have in mind will stretch their growth and fine motor skills and we really appreciate the support in achieving this.

Noel Zammit: Now, there’s plenty of time before this event comes around and if you’re thinking of doing something before or after the actual event, you can still get involved. So if you’d like to get on board, by all means reach out and let us know. The lucky family will be drawn at the event on Trivia Night 2018. We are really looking forward to this event so we hope you can get behind us to help us so we can help the school. So, for further details, feel free to call or contact my cellphone on any of the numbers following this clip. That’s all from us, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Looking to sell your property and want to give back to your local community? We invite you to speak with Noel today.

Noel Zammit

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