Zhushing your home ready for sale

Want to ensure potential purchasers are impressed? It’s more than just presenting your home in a clean and tidy manner. The key is creating a home that other people could imagine themselves living in. Remember to look at your home through the eyes of a prospective buyer. This can sometimes mean setting aside the emotional attachment you may have for certian colours, decorative items and even furniture.

The following tips can help you present your property in a way that will immediately impress buyers and increase the perceived value.

Remove Clutter:

This crucial step is where you need to remember that ‘less is more’. Although you may have collected items over the time in your home that have menaing to you, these things are not what prospective buyers are attracted to. Remember that the more clutter you can remove, the more spacious your home will appear. Hire a skip bin for items you can part with forever, such as cleaning out your cupboards, shed and garage. Donate clothes, toys, kitchen items and furniture to charity. Alternatively, you can sell these items or even have a garage sale, which is always a great way to de-clutter while collecting some finances towards moving costs. In all rooms, put items away that don’t serve a decor purpose, such as fridge magnets, utensils and the kid’s artwork, leaving benches and shelf space clear and spotless.

Get some street appeal:

Go and stand out on your street, and put your prospective buyers goggles on. What can you see? Spider webs, gutters that need attention, walls in desperate need of a lick of paint, driveways that need a good pressure clean? How has your letterbox stood the test of time? Do your windows gleam? Remember that first impressions count!

Make an entrance:

Welcome buyers to their new home by making the entrance inviting. Clear the pathway to the door, scrub the porch and add a chair or pot plant and if your front door is looking a little tired, give it a coat of paint and a new door knob.

Green up the garden:

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The goal here is to give the impression that the entire property has always been lovingly cared for and well looked after. An immaculate garden can do this. Number one is removing all weeds. Ensure all lawns are mowed and edges trimmed. Fill your garden beds with greenery and/or flowering annuals. Spread some mulch to give an even and clean look and if you have a pool, make sure it is sparkling and the pump room is spotless. If the outdoor area isn’t your ‘thing’, there are plenty of gardeners/landscapers who would love to take care of this for you and can even keep on top of it during your sale campaign.

Sparkle on the inside:

Yes, prospective buyers will open all of your cupboards. They will want to ‘try out’ your home, so they will turn on taps, lights and size up the rooms. So again, put on your prospective buyers goggles and have a close look around. Do your carpets and/or lounge need professional cleaning? What needs fixing? This is the time to get out the elbow grease and scrub like you have never scrubbed before. Investing in some new decor items can help with the overall appeal, such as new throw cushions, doona covers, pillows and vases. All of these items can then move with you to your new home.

Get some professional help:

Hire a stylist. It is incredible the dramatic difference a great stylist can make. You can always check out their style before hand as well, as most will have a website showing examples of before and after rooms. They can help get your mind around the idea of decluttering, moving furniture and adding touches that potential purchasers are attracted to. They will also understand the style that appeals to buyers in your area. Not only can hiring a stylist transform your property into a highly desireable home, it can also increase the value that you might otherwise have received.

Inspiration for this article came from Jude Gregory, writer for domain.com.au

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