Why you should consider home staging when selling

When you’re selling your home, one of the most important things you should be doing is making sure it presents well to its future owner. This is a critical factor that is often overlooked, particularly in a hot property market, that will ensure you not only get a quick sale but the best price possible.

A large part of this is staging your home for sale and considering the services of an interior designer. The power of a strong first impression should never be underestimated and, while most homeowners can successfully repair, clean and declutter their properties without assistance, truly making an impact is often best left to the professionals. When your home is trying to stand out in photographs, online listings and at open homes, home staging is a critical part of the marketing process.

Here are the reasons why you should be considering home staging, and the expertise of a stylist, when it is time to sell.

Furniture has an impact on how big a home looks: Bigger is almost always better when it comes to real estate and furniture is critical to making your home appear as spacious as it can. Poorly chosen furniture can seem cluttered and make rooms seem smaller than they are, but the right colours and pieces can make rooms shine. Swapping out single beds for double beds in rooms that can fit them, or adding furniture to bare spare rooms, can quickly make a space look larger and more appealing.

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Style isn’t everyone’s forte: You might think your taste in upholstery is top notch, but almost always buyers will disagree. A stylist can make sure that your own personal style doesn’t turn off those looking for a home or distract them from what they’re looking at.

Furniture makes space appear functional: The right furnishings can highlight the more attractive areas of the property and allow future vendors to envision themselves living in the home by showing them how to utilize different areas. For instance, an office space can be created in a lounge room nook with a bit of carefully placed furniture, while handpicked outdoor items can make a small courtyard seem like a perfect entertainment spot. Areas that may have once been turn-offs for buyers are now much more attractive and usable – these may even be parts of the house you hadn’t utilized yourself.

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