Council’s vision for Ku-ring-gai

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The local infrastructure of an area has a major impact on the value of a property.

Ku-Ring-Gai Council’s long-term vision sees the area being transformed into a dynamic cluster of hubs. What does that mean for Ku-ring-gai residents or potential investors? We unpack the projected changes and how they might impact you.

Activate Ku-ring-gai centres

The Activate Program, currently in development in Lindfield, Turramurra and Gordon, is the Council’s long-term plan to revitalise some of our town centres. The program seeks to deliver new green spaces, libraries, community centres, town squares, new housing, dining and retail outlets.

Lindfield Village Hub is the first project to kickstart the Activate Ku-ring-gai plan, and it is projected to be a mix of green open spaces and community buildings, including a library and community centre, a town square, new housing, and dining and retail outlets. Construction of a Lindfield Village Green is also expected to start in mid-2019, and, when complete, it is envisioned to host markets, outdoor cinema, live music and other performances to enliven the area. The Council is also looking at transforming the existing old library into new housing, and build a new library as part of the Lindfield Village Hub.

Turramura is getting its own make-over as part of the Activate suite of programs. After consultation with the local community and background studies, the Council announced plans to build a new local library, a community centre, a park and town square, and improved streetscapes, with an anticipated construction period of 2020-2021.

After being originally deferred due to uncertainty about council amalgamations, The Gordon Cultural and Civic Hub project is also continuing. Here the Council’s approach is to engage major new landowners and collaborate to revitalise the area. Domain works, community facilities and civic space provision are part of the plans.

Ku-ring-gai natural areas will get a boost

Council has also been reviewing its Recreation in Natural Areas Strategy. After workshops and consultations, the Council will present the new strategy to the community early this year for another opportunity at feedback. The Strategy aims to support a diverse and accessible range of recreation opportunities within Ku-ring-gai natural areas in a way that protects and enhances the local environment.

How Council upgrades affect you

Improvements in infrastructure in your area, or in an area you are considering to buy in can have a significant impact on the prices of properties. A well-equipped town centre, which allows the community to come together and feel connected, is a key feature of an attractive neighbourhood. The better the infrastructure, the greater the value of your home.
The Ku-ring-gai changes will likely stimulate the local economy and attract new residents. The indirect benefits can be extensive: they include increased employment, business and retail growth and improved consumer spending in the area.

Upgrades can play a critical role in improving lifestyles and driving up property values, whether it’s an improvement in safety, new improved public spaces or better roads and transport.

Book a consultation with one of our agents if you want to discuss how to best take advantage of these projected upgrades.

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