Secrets to a Successful Property Sale

By March 9, 2018Selling

An effective property campaign does not happen by chance. Successful property sales demand customised marketing approaches that highlight the unique selling points of the property, meet the vendor’s personal needs and generate interest among potential buyers.

An experienced agent 

Agent expertise is indispensable to the successful sale of any property. The best agents are known and noted for their high quality marketing strategies. An experienced real estate agent who has a thorough understanding of the local area, and current market trends can assess a property on its merits, then devise a marketing strategy to achieve the best possible price.

Strong campaigns require agents to carefully consider the vendor’s preferred sale approach and then personalise accordingly. For example, on Sydney’s North Shore, auction is the norm, but some vendors lean towards selling off-market or in a more low-key manner. For this approach to be successful, agents need to draw on a database of pre-qualified buyers.  Chadwick agents have access to an extensive database of prospective buyers, meaning a faster rate of conversion into sales.

Presentation of the property 

Buyers gravitate towards beautifully presented properties and are often swift to dismiss those that are aesthetically unappealing. Presenting a property in the best possible light has a knock-on effect–it improves photographs taken for marketing purposes, and as a result tempts prospective buyers to view the property in person.

Using a professional photographer highlights a property’s strengths and captures any points of distinction, such as a breathtaking view or spacious open-plan living space. Home staging can also contribute to attracting a wider pool of potential buyers. A fresh and neutral look is highly effective. Small repairs, a thorough clean and a declutter can also make a significant difference.

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Pricing a property appropriately requires experience and sensitive knowledge of current market dynamics, particularly market trends and recent sales of comparable homes in the property’s location. Every home is unique, and an agent will be able to suggest ways to approach pricing that are transparent, clear and appealing for buyers. Overpriced homes can take longer to sell, and ultimately may sell for significantly less than market value. In a high demand seller’s market, a well-priced home can generate good interest and sell within days.

Combining traditional and contemporary marketing strategies

Successful sales strategies now rely heavily on digital marketing. Properties should be listed across multiple online platforms to ensure digital visibility, including property-listing websites with virtual video tours, online brochures, database emails and social media. But it’s wise to complement this online exposure with more traditional sales strategies such as flyers and print advertising and signboards to extends the reach of the sales campaign.

A bespoke approach to each sale means that the unique selling points and appeal of each property can be highlighted to generate the right kind of interest among potential buyers.

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