Keeping your pool in top condition

Even though Sydney has experienced some crazy weather lately, there’s no denying that we are definitely in swimming weather. Looking for some tips to keep your pool in top condition? We’ve compiled a few to help get you through summer and beyond.

Clean … simple!

A regular cleaning routine is not only one of the best things you can do for your pool, it can be the difference between having a healthy, long lasting pool and a neglected one needing costly maintenance. Skim debris out daily with a hand held pool skimmer or leaf net. This way you’re keeping it out of the filter which can prevent a range of costly problems. You can backwash or remove and hose off your filter system approximately every two weeks to remove anything that could clog the system. Invest in a quality pool cleaner or vacuum and regularly sweep around the pool area to prevent leaves and twigs from blowing back into the water. Take note of your surroundings … are there trees or shrubs you could cut back to prevent leaves, blossoms and petals falling into the water?

Get the chemical balance right

Most pool problems come from not maintaining the correct balance of water chemicals. It is however possibly the most important thing you need to do with your pool. Put simply, getting the right pH and chlorine levels means your water stays clean. The good part is that keeping on top of it means you reduce your overall cost for pool chemicals. Your local pool shop can supply all of the right equipment and advice to help make this happen and luckily,  it’s not rocket science.

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Understand seasonal maintenance

With advances in pool covers and more economical solar and gas heating solutions, pool owners are increasingly extending their swimming season. Each season however has different requirements in maintenance. Get the right avice from your local pool shop, or check out the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia’s website at for full details.

Be consistent

Most costly pool problems come from a poor maintenance routine. Remember, your pool is an investment. Just like your home or car, it needs consistent maintenance to ensure it is always in top condition. A little bit of care goes a long way.

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