Design trends we’re seeing in 2019

Renovating? It’s easy to become bamboozled by paint colours and Pinterest boards.

Here, we reveal the design trends that’ll guarantee function, flair and a home you love living in.

Renovating can be a time of great stress – but it’s also hugely rewarding to come up with a plan for your home that will ensure it’s both functional and beautiful. Here’s what’s currently trending in the home design market.

Colour me happy

Colour is definitely making a comeback in our interiors and exteriors, with the right splash of colour transforming a room to fun and inviting, or moody and intimate. Of course, a fresh colour palette on your home’s exterior can lend it that all-important street appeal. In 2019, expect to see pops of pastels in bedrooms or lounge-rooms – and soft baby blues, greens and greys in our kitchen redesigns. There’ll also be a swathe of rich, warm colours such as terracotta and mustards, earthy greens and blues and deep reds helping to marry the interiors and exteriors in our homes.

Come on in

If you have the space, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating interiors that work for the entire family. Separate media rooms remain a top choice for many, but if you don’t have the space it’s easy to find TVs that ‘disappear’ into the wall or slide up and down at the touch of a button. Similarly, the smart home is tipped to go more mainstream in 2019 – creating a ‘smart home eco-system’ that helps us control everything from security to lighting to appliances. You may not be into the voice-activated trend that has brought us the likes of Alexa and Google’s Assistant, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg: tech trend-spotters predict that voice activation is set to be embedded in everything from bathroom lights to mirrors.

Material choices

Concrete – be it as a floor treatment or kitchen bench – continues its popularity with style-loving homeowners looking for a strong statement. Exterior cladding and weatherboards are also on trend if you’re after a Hamptons look’n’feel. You’ll find fibre-cement weatherboards on the market now that are timber-free, low-maintenance and resistant to termites, moisture, rot and fire. Indoors, sound-dampening plasterboards designed to improve the acoustics of a home – great for media rooms, for example – are also proving popular. And as for furnishings and textures, it’s all in the layering: leather, felt and textiles are all so hot right now!

Make it sustainable

The demand for sustainable materials continues, too, thanks to shows like Grand Designs – in fact, the use of lightweight building materials in Aussie homes has more than doubled in recent years, according to building products manufacturer CSR. Durable, pre-fabricated cross-laminated timber (CLT) is proving desirable, as it can speed up the building process and save on labour costs, while also helping to incorporate thermal benefits into a building. Similarly, products such as hempcrete are also gaining in popularity. This fire-and-termite resistant bio-composite material made from hemp and lime is good for insulating and soundproofing a building – and can also help prevent mould and damp.

Lovely landscaping

Mowing the grass and throwing a few potplants into that weird bit between the lawn and the driveway is no longer going to cut it. It’s time to think of your garden as an outdoor room and make it as inviting as your interior spaces. You might like to consider walkways flanked by lush, low-maintenance greenery, a dedicated area to grow fruit and veg, a water feature or even a ‘living wall’ or two. Salvaged materials such as antique iron gates or old sleepers can create a rustic vibe and zoned off seating areas – and the trend with outdoor furniture will be weather-resistant, quality furniture that will stand the test of time. Don’t forget to plan in the right lighting for your outdoor spaces, and even built-in speakers to beam music straight to the garden.

Backyard beauty

Want to create a cosy outdoor space you can use all year round? Outdoor fireplaces are huge on Pinterest right now and you’ll find some amazing contemporary options on the market. Backyard kitchens are also big bikkies: complete with BBQ, built-in sinks and fridges, it’s worth considering if you’re do a lot of alfresco entertaining. And let’s not forget the humble pool, a must-have feature in any suburban Aussie backyard (that is, if you have the space for it). While classic shapes are always popular, some pool experts predict a retro comeback of the 1970s kidney shape – or at least a curved, free-form look that blends in beautifully with the landscape.

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