Affordable Updates to Your Property Prior to Selling

By November 29, 2018Buying, Selling

In a cooling market, it’s more important than ever to give yourself the competitive edge.

We look at some easy and affordable ways to maximise your home’s appeal for sale.

Sydney’s property market has come off its boil with conditions cooling in many areas. While prestige properties in the Upper North Shore are still in high demand and there’s evidence that the north shore is defying the slow down, it’s still a time when you want to really stand out in the marketplace. Here are some easy ways to do so:

Little things add up

That loose door handle and broken blind may seem trivial but combined they can create a sense of general disrepair and neglect that can be off-putting to buyers. Make sure to take care of all of those small maintenance tasks you’ve been putting off, so as not to deter buyers who are uninterested in doing home repairs.

First impressions matter

Whatever your prospective buyers see first, whether it’s a fence, hedge or pathway, will shape their initial impression of your property’s desirability. Fences should be repaired and freshened up with a lick of paint. Loose, broken or dirty pavers or tiles should be replaced and cleaned. Simply replacing an old postbox or house numbers with something modern and new can make a difference.

Give gardens and lawns a lift

When it comes to sales appeal, what’s outside can be just as important as what’s inside. Consider how you can improve the appeal of your gardens and lawns to look well-maintained – and therefore easy to maintain – and inviting. Remove any weeds or other debris, including kids’ toys, and mow lawns and trim hedges before viewings. To really enhance appeal you may wish to re-landscape the garden, add potted colour or invest in new turf for instant lush green appeal.

Add a fresh coat of paint

Newly painted walls are one of the fastest and cheapest ways to make a home feel cleaner, lighter and brighter. When choosing colours, even if you personally adore feature walls, it’s best to keep your palate as neutral as possible. This helps buyers to see your property as their blank slate. You can’t go wrong with a basic white, cream or a modern light grey.

Update your furnishings

Old curtains and blinds detract from your home’s appeal and are an affordable way to freshen up a room’s look. Likewise, get rid of any rugs or cushions that have seen better days and replace with new furnishings. Replace your old shower curtain as well while you’re at it and make sure any towels or hand-towels on display are fluffy and new looking.

Focus your efforts

If you lack the time to do repairs and renovations throughout, bathrooms and kitchens are a good place to concentrate your efforts. Simply repainting kitchen cupboards and replacing door handles, taps and other fixtures can go a long way. If you can afford it, a new splash-back or more modern cabinetry in a kitchen can make a huge difference.

Don’t forget to declutter

Even if it means temporarily hiring storage space, clearing your home of as much clutter as possibly absolutely makes it feel more spacious. Consider it an opportunity to go through your belongings and get rid of what you don’t need – it’ll also make moving day easier!

Go greener

Plants are inviting and all things green add a welcoming sense of home we are naturally drawn to. New, cared for plants in every room add to the impression that your home overall is well looked after.

Clean, clean, clean

It may sound obvious but a really thorough clean is the best way to make sure everything looks at its sparkling best. It’s worth the investment to get cleaners in before showings to make sure a truly deep clean is done. A professional steam clean can work wonders on old carpet and rugs.

If you’re thinking of selling your home now, get in touch with our team of experienced agents or discover what your home is worth today.

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