Advantages of staging your home for sale

There are a lot of desisions to be made when it comes to selling your home. One that pays to be seriously considered is whether or not to hire a home stylist. So why consider this? There are many advantages to having your home professionally staged, positive results of which here at Chadwick we have seen time and time again.

Not to be mistaken for interior design or renovating, home staging or styling is designed to tell a story, drop hints, and get in the buyers mind through careful selection and placement of furniture and decor items. Plus, not only does it make the home more appealing come inspection time, the photographs turn out amazing which appeals to buyers in the first place. With most people searching for homes online, you want the advantage of your photos having more appeal than others. As they say, you get one chance at a first impression, so make it count … make your photos pop … in the right way!

Home styling is particularly essential in the case of an empty house. Don’t be mistaken in thinking the property will look bigger. Depending on how the buyers mind works, it can be difficult for a potential purchaser to visualise what the property would look like with furniture and imagine themselves living in it. Take the guesswork out of it for them, and show a visual representation of the possibilities. This doesn’t always necessarily need to be a practical layout, more of a marketable story to grab the buyers attention.

Believe it or not, home styling also offers an opportunity for less packing come moving time. The stylist will generally request that all clutter is removed, which although means you need to spend some time cleaning out cupboards and drawers and removing furniture items that you won’t be taking with you, it means less work later on when organising your move. It’s also a great way to ensure your home is ready for the keen eyes of potential purchasers … yes, they will open your drawers and cupboards!

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At the end of the day, home styling means maximising your property’s potential which equals the best possible price potential. The investment more than pays for itself as proven in the real estate industry in recent times.

Here at Chadwick, our agents work with an extremely professional team of hand selected stylists, all of whom offer services ranging from basic home staging through to landscaping and renovation consultation.

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