The 30-day plan for a market-ready home

The countdown is on to your property’s first open day. It may seem like there’s simply not enough time to get through the ‘to do’ list, but a week by week schedule can help with prioritising tasks to ensure your home is looking its absolute best for potential buyers.

30 days out

Forget the idea of any significant renovations at this late stage – the best advice is to focus on improvements that will feed into potential buyers’ first and often lasting impressions.

This is top of the list for good reason. Clutter detracts from your home’s best features so get rid of it – the added bonus is when you come to move, less clutter means less to pack. Recycle or donate where possible, pop it in storage, and check your local council’s clean up calendar so you don’t miss the roadside pickup.

Get a second opinion.

Ask an honest friend with good styling sense to walk-through your home and point out the visual spoilers. Everything from the pile of old newspapers beside the lounge to the overflowing toy box in the playroom needs attention. Plastic storage boxes with lids are ideal for hiding clutter and can be stacked out of view inside a wardrobe.

Consider a professional stylist

Sydney’s upper north shore attracts buyers who appreciate a beautifully-styled home. If you’re competing with similar homes in similar suburbs, a wave of the magic wand by an interior stylist could give you the leading edge.

21 days out 

Freshen up inside and out.

It’s amazing how much grime a bucket of water with sugar soap and a bit of elbow grease will lift from walls and floors. It’s one of the cheapest ways to bring a bit of sparkle to your home.

Minor repairs.

Fix the wonky letter box and the cupboard door the doesn’t sit flush. Check all light bulbs are working and make sure there are no dripping taps. The good news is all those little jobs that have been on the list for months will now get done.

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14 days out

Pretend you’re a buyer.

Take a walk from the street to your front door and look for anything that needs tidying up. Clear cobwebs and mow the lawns. Borrow or hire a high-pressure hose and clean outdoor surfaces including footpaths and decking, and throw out dead pot plants.

Final week 

Try and keep your home as clean as possible. Maintain clean floors and surfaces by doing a daily sweep and dust. If you have a large family home, involve children who are old enough to help.

On open day, be up bright and early to give your home a final tidy up – there may be interested buyers driving past to check the street presence, so do the outside first! Follow a checklist to ensure every room looks and smells its best. Hide the kitchen bin and the dirty laundry, open windows and doors and give yourself plenty of time to disappear before the first potential buyers arrive.

Remember your property is in the very capable hands of your agent during inspections, so relax and enjoy half an hour of peace and quiet.

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