Kids heading back to school?

By January 14, 2016Local News

We’re well and truly into the first month of the new year! With ‘back to school’ time just around the corner, we’ve listed a few tips to ensure the transition from holiday mode is a smooth one for both you and the kids.

Ease into a new schedule

Being thrown into a drastic adjustment on the first day of school can be exhausting for everyone. So why not ease the kids back into a rountine gradually. During the last week of holidays, re-intorduce a school year schedule. Begin to wake late sleepers earlier and earlier, while also encouraging a school day bedtime. Plan meal times around what a normal school day would be, to get their bodies into routine … hard to concentrate with rumbly tummies!

Set up a family calendar

Even though most adults (and some kids) have their schedules safely saved in the cloud, it’s great to have a visual view of important dates for the whole family. Although possible to sync calendars, why not get creative in designing a hard copy and involve the kids in the design … maybe as a project during the holidays? For time poor families, there are plenty of places that sell an amazing range of family calendars.

Spruce up their study areas

Get the kids excited about getting back into study. Let them help create a bright space in the home that inspires them with a clean, uncluttered desk and a few of the latest desk accessories. No need to spend up big here … lots of gorgeous yet inexpensive pen holders, book ends, lamps and pot plants are available to help give your kids a fresh outlook.

Create a launch pad

So what’s a launch pad? It’s a dedicated area for all of the ‘out-the-door’ items every family member needs to ensure they get out the door without the morning madness. This can be as simple as clearing a book shelf and placing named boxes or in-trays for each family member. For the kids, this could contain items such as permission slips, tuck shop order, library books and hat. For the ‘big kids’, this could contain things like car keys, dry cleaning, iPad and water bottle. Be mindful thaough that this area could become a dumping ground, so ensure it is cleaned out every Sunday night in preparation for the week ahead. Another idea is hanging baskets or bags from wall hooks or the ceiling near the front door.

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Note to self

Always walking out the door worried you have forgotten something? With morning brain fuzz, it’s easy to forget something. Everyone has essential items they need every day, such as phone, wallet, Opal card and keys. Write the essentials for each family member on a note that is stuck to the back of the front door. That way, as you leave, you can make a quick mental note that you have all of your essentials, without straining your brain

Take a practice walk

Will the way your kids get to school change this year? New bus stop? New school? Take them on a practice walk of what their school morning would involve, so you can know for sure the exact amount of time they will need.

Host a bake off

Set aside a day for the kids to invite a class mate for a good old fashioned baking day. We all would love for our kids to be eating the best quality foods and snacks at school, and there is nothing better than home made, unprocessed foods. Think freezer friendly, so you can cook large batches and stock up on slices, energy balls and anything else you can think of.

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