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“I first joined Chadwick as a Business Development Manager in property management and I have always loved the camaraderie there. Now working in the sales department, I have the additional privilege of forming and building great friendships in the community through Chadwick’s services and events like our Halloween face painting party and Secrets of St Ives. I would never be able to do my job without the amazing administration support structure that has been established here, which means I don’t get bogged down in paperwork and can do what I do best which is negotiate sales.”

Katheryn Purdy

“Chadwick Real Estate is an extension of my home. It is a pleasure working in an established family business with core values I hold in high regard.”

Jane Colyer

“I started at Chadwick with an amazing opportunity to build our presence in digital marketing. It was like a blank canvas that I had complete creative control over. The entire team were open to new technologies and very supportive to what I brought to the table. I love coming into work every day knowing that there is a project to work on and that I’m backed up and trusted 100% of the way from the entire team.”

Karl Davidson

“Chadwick is a well-managed agency that prides itself as honest and transparent. Clients are well looked after and many have referred business because the property management team is outstanding. The office is full of energy, with staff actively helping prospective tenants to find a suitable home and assisting landlords with ongoing property maintenance. It is great coming to work to be part of this team and uplifting environment where we don’t see clients as transactions. Being surrounded by great people creates positivity on how I approach clients and people certainly appreciate the effort I take in taking care of their investment.”

Kenny Leung

“I was after a change and always love to see how other companies run and work.  Chadwick is a business with a very strong reputation in the area built upon 50 years of experience.  It is a company that I felt would suit my needs, experiences and personality.  They have definitely exceeded my expectations already!”

Jemma Radocaj

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