How to make your investment property stand out on a mobile device

By March 16, 2018Investing

In todays world of modern technology, it’s becoming more common for people to use their mobile devices to search for properties. To make your property truly stand out, landlords should ask their agent what is best to optimise their listing for users using mobile.

Use Visual Elements

Many people who search for properties on their phones are time sensitive and will scroll until they see a picture that piques their interest. It’s a fact that high quality photos create more engagement. People scrolling through content are more likely to stop on a professional-quality picture than a quick and blurry ‘cell phone snap’. Photos are your chance to make a good first impression and show prospective tenants what’s on offer. Be sure to use a professional photographer to get the correct lighting, use the right angle and a touch of staging.

Feature a Floor Plan

A rental listing can improve upon a prospect’s experience by featuring a floor plan, in addition to the usual square footage. This form of advertising is rarely used in rental listings and can give the landlord and managing agency a competitive edge in securing the best possible tenant.

Incorporate Video

The rarest form of marketing in rental properties are videos. This will attract tenants in addition to helping your listing stand out. Very few property managers take the time to film and upload a video tour so the listing will instantly be part of a select few.

Be Direct with Copy

It’s commonly understood that verbose details may detract attention from your rental property. Potential renters don’t have the time or patience to filter through laborious copy. Instead, they want to learn about the property quickly. Avoid flowery language and keep things short so they can determine if they’re interested and take the next step to contact the agent.

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