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By January 22, 2019Investing

With the scorching Sydney weather lately, many tenants are asking if owners would consider installing air conditioning in their investment properties. Some owners will see this as an additional cost, however having A/C is often be beneficial to any rental properties in the long run. So if you are an owner and thinking about buying a new air conditioner then you should continue to read on:

For a limited time, the NSW Government is offering households a discount on installing an air conditioner with a high star rating.

What discount can I get?

The installation discount will depend on the size of your air conditioner.

AC sizeEnergy RatingCooling / heating spaceDiscount
2.5 kW5.5✩ and aboveSmall bedroom or study$200
3.5 kW5.5✩ and aboveMedium to large bedroom, small lounge$200
5 kW4✩ and aboveLounge or living room$500
10 kW3.5✩ and aboveLarge open plan areas$1000

Not all air conditioner units are eligible, only the most efficient ones. Many brands have eligible products, an approved installer will confirm if the unit you need qualifies for the discount. Click here for a list of eligible products:

Accessing the offer

You’ll need to:

  • be a NSW resident
  • buy an eligible air conditioner
  • use an approved installer to purchase and install your air conditioner
  • own your home or have approval from your landlord to install the air conditioner
  • consent to your data being collected

Contact an approved installer to confirm if you are eligible and, if so, to discuss next steps.

Information taken from:

Kenny Leung

Business Development Manager

Licensed Real Estate Agent

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