Chadwick Concierge Service

Property management

The Chadwick Property Management
team are available to assist you with managing your investment property offering highly competitive rates and best in class property management services. Give our concierge desk a call to hear more about what our team of property management experts can offer you.


If you need to put your furniture and personal belongings into storage for a while we can source quotes from a number of local self-storage companies and help you find the storage solution which best fits your needs. Call to organise storage for your personal belongings.

Utility connections

Getting your utilities connected can be a time consuming process. Let us help you with connections for your gas and electricity set up in your new home. Give our concierge desk a call to discuss your utility connection requirements.

Internet, phone and pay TV

Keeping you in-touch and connected in your new home is easy. Let us handle your service providers for you and arrange to have your internet, phone and pay tv services up and running in your new home. Call our concierge desk to find out how we can help you get connected.

Mail redirection

Don’t worry about missing any important letters. We can contact Australia Post and arrange to have your mail redirected to your new home. Call our concierge desk to arrange your postal redirections

Home cleaning

Take the stress out of cleaning your home. We have a number of preferred professional cleaning services which can have your home looking spotless. Simply give our concierge desk a call to arrange pricing quotes and a free cleaning consultation.

Pest control

If insects, rodents or possums are a problem we can arrange to have these unwanted guests removed with professional pest control services. We will call a few highly reputable companies to arrange quotes for you and book in a visit to have your pest problems taken care off. Simply call our concierge desk and let us take care of pest problems for you.

Pet care and boarding

Moving home can be unsettling for your pets. If you need temporary accommodation while you are moving we can help you find vetted, insured and reliable pet care professionals to give you peace of mind that your pets or animals are well cared for during your move.

Building and pest inspection

Ensuring the home you buy is free from any serious problems is a priority before you make an offer. Let us book in your building and pest inspection with an accredited building consultant to give you peace of mind before you finalise your purchase. Simply call our concierge desk to arrange your professional building and pest inspection.

Home styling

On listing your property for sale with Chadwick we can help your house stand out and look its best for your marketing campaign with professional home styling, cleaning, garden care or flower arrangements. Simply call our concierge desk to discuss your home styling requirements.

Security systems

Ensuring your new home is secure is a top priority. If you need locks changed, extra keys, fence repairs, security lighting, cameras or alarms installed we are happy to arrange a visit from a professional home security provider or locksmith. Simply give our concierge desk a call and let us arrange your
home security for you.

Home appliances

If you are in need of repairs or looking for a new oven, fridge, freezer, dishwasher or washing machine we can assist you with pricing comparisons and delivery quotes from our strong relationships with AppliancesOnline. Let us do the research for you. Simply call for help with your home appliances.

Home improvements

Whether your home requires repairs or you are considering renovations, extending, landscaping a swimming pool, we can arrange quotes from trusted licenced tradespeople in your local area. Let us ring around and get quotes for you to get your job taken care of.

Depreciation schedules

Let us help you get your investment property finances in order with an ATO compliant tax depreciation schedule prepared by a leading quantity surveyor in your local area. Simply call our concierge desk to arrange free quotes from a few leading quantity surveyors in your area.

Solicitors and conveyancers

If you require conveyancing or legal advice we can put you in touch with a selection of leading professionals in your local area. Simply call our concierge desk to be put in touch with leading legal and conveyancing professionals in your area.

Heating and cooling systems

We can assist you with solar, gas, air conditioning and hot water systems to ensure your home and water is the perfect temperature all year round. Simply call for help with getting your home heating and cooling organised.

Garden and pool maintenance

Come home to manicured lawns, trimmed hedges, neat garden beds and a sparkling clean pool. Let us arrange a few quotes for you from our trusted gardening, pool maintenance and cleaning professionals, in your area.

Have a question about your property? We invite you to speak with anyone in our team or discover what your home is worth today.