Your Property Concierge Has Arrived

Thinking about the workload that comes with your next real estate choice? Here’s some good news: We can now help you with that. As in, all of it!

Movers, storage, inspections, tax admin, legal work, tradespeople — if these words don’t fill you with joy, our new concierge service could be just the thing for you.

For a competitive price, we now handle all the necessary, but sometimes overwhelming tasks that come with buying, selling and managing real estate. We’ve cultivated relationships over the years with the best service providers in your area, so we can save you a whole lot of searching and uncertainty. Find out how we can connect you.

If you are an investor

Why spend your day posting ads for your property, chasing up tenants, or going around town to check that they haven’t chipped your walls? Unsure about depreciation schedules? Our investor package allows you to get the most out of your property without costing you time.

If you are about to move

Looking for an expert building inspector to ensure there’s no nasty surprises? Or some good, careful movers who charge reasonable prices? We do that.

We can also recommend a conveyancer or solicitor.

If you have just moved

No room for the heirloom teak dresser yet with all these boxes in the way? Sitting on line to the post office wondering if that violin case got shipped to your old address? Need to take care of the dog or cat while you move? Dreading filling out that change of address form? Not looking forward to having to find a new plumber? Good news: You won’t need to go searching for real estate all over again in the form of storage, or play HR manager with tradespeople. Our concierge does it all.

We can organise quotes for home improvements, security, appliance repair or purchase, pools or gardens.

If you are a homeowner

Leaves in your pool? Possum in your kitchen not leaving when asked? Who do you call? Finding the right crew to take care of your home can be quite a job. Luckily, we know who’s who in everything from pools and gardens to possums.

Chadwick’s concierge is here for you, so why not check out all the details on our website or call us today and see what we can do for you? With years of experience in the Upper North Shore, our award-winning team will get you connected so you can feel, well, at home.

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