The Best Schools on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

While there are many reasons families are drawn to the leafy suburbs of Sydney’s Upper North Shore, the wide range of top-ranking schools in the area is certainly a major attraction.

From popular primary schools to secondary schools, highly-regarded private schools and a new, ground-breaking public school, the Upper North Shore is spoilt for choice. Here’s what you should know when deciding what school is best for you and family.

What you need to know about catchment zones

A school’s catchment area is the geographical boundary set around the school indicating where you must live to be eligible for enrolment. These ‘zones’ or ‘catchments’ are state-appointed to ensure students have access to a local state school close to their home. Independent, religious and private schools are not bound by these restrictions, although some may take location into account when considering enrolment.

Catchment zones for desirable primary and secondary schools can have a large impact on house prices and the number of houses on the market, so it is important to be aware of these zones. This is particularly true for highly sought-after state schools such as St Ives North Primary and Killara High School.

Websites like and often list the local schools nearby in the property listing information. But if you would like to know more about your catchment, or confirm your eligibility based on address, search the NSW Government’s school finder for details. If you are unsure, it is worthwhile to call the school directly and ask if their zoning boundaries are up to date, as they do change from time to time.

Newest school on the Upper North Shore

Formerly the UTS Ku-ring-ai campus, Lindfield Learning Village has accumulated an estimated waiting list of over 3000 students. The high demand for the comprehensive public school has been generated because of its unconventional approach to education: introducing integrated year levels, project-based learning and open-plan classrooms. The innovative new teaching model is designed to create independent and resilient learners equipped with the appropriate skills for our rapidly changing world.

To ensure the new teaching program is successful, Lindfield Learning Village will be growing in stages, staggering their intake of 350 new students until construction is completed in 2022.

What about Private Schools?

While private schools are not restricted to a catchment zone, many families are jumping at the chance to reduce their daily commutes by living locally. More and more, we are seeing families drawn to suburbs such as Wahroonga, Turramurra, and Pymble because of their proximity to schools like Abbotsleigh, Knox College and Pymble Ladies’ College. The sophisticated ‘Kyemma’ at 33 Water Street Wahroonga is an excellent example; a short walk away from both Knox Grammar and Abbotsleigh, it is a property unmatched in style, convenience and privacy, and designed for family living at its best.

Major upgrades to public schools

As a part of the state governments $1.3 billion school upgrade and maintenance project, many schools on the Upper North Shore have enjoyed recent upgrades. Projects have been completed at St Ives Primary and Killara High, as well as a brand-new sports centre being built at St Ives High School.

Top performing schools on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

Finally, while prices may currently be flat, our view is that they’re unlikely to remain this way for too long. If we can contain the virus, confidence

According to Better Education (all scores are out of 100, from 2019) these primary schools on the Upper North Shore rank very well:

  1. Abbotsleigh Wahroonga (100)
  2. St Ives North Public School (100)
  3. Knox Grammar (100)
  4. Pymble Public School (100)
  5. Holy Family Catholic Primary Linfield (100)
  6. Pymble Ladies’ College (100)
  7. Roseville College (99)
  8. Barker College (99)

And many of the area’s secondary schools also rate highly:

  • Abbotsleigh (99)
  • Knox (99)
  • Pymble Ladies’ College (99)
  • Barker College (98)
  • Roseville College (98)
  • Killara High School (97)
  • St Ives High School (96)

If you’re looking for a home in a great suburb on Sydney’s Upper North Shore contact our team today.

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